Structured Connect


ACRassist is a work in progress and the specifics are still being defined. It is intended to be a clinical decision support framework designed to provide structured clinical guidance to radiologists in a manner that allows this content to be incorporated naturally into the radiology workflow. The ACRAssist framework includes raw clinical content, an encoding scheme that allows this content to be consumed by commercial applications, and a communication framework that facilitates content delivery. The core clinical components that comprise ACRassist include:

  • Structured classification and reporting taxonomies in the form of the ACR “RADS” such as BI-RADS, LI-RADS, and PI-RADS.
  • Care Pathways/Algorithms such as those found in the “Incedentaloma” White Papers
  • Classification and Communication Needs for Actionable Findings

The goal of ACRassist is to provide this content in a structured, vendor-neutral manner that allows reporting vendors, in particular, to provide guidance during interpretation at the time this information is most useful to the radiologist.

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