Standard Terminology


ACRcommon is a collection of common radiology terms and semantic structures that facilitates interaction with ACR products and services. ACRcommon leverages existing ontologies and coding schemes such as RadLex Playbook, SNOWMED, CPT, ICD9+, etc. and is organized around fundamental and derived axes such as scenario, procedure, and finding. Most importantly, ACRcommon is based on ACR’s experiences and challenges interacting with facilities to deliver and consume content (e.g. registries, guidelines) and participate in key programs (e.g. ACRselect, Accreditation). As we look to promote a variety of Imaging 3.0 activities, it is critical that we maintain a common communication framework easily incorporated into production systems. ACRcommon is not designed to replace existing ontologies. Rather, the goal of Common is to organize access to content in a pragmatic and production-ready manner that allows members and industry partners to participate immediately in key 3.0 programs.

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