Standard Terminology


Q: Do I have to pay for Common?
A: No.  ACRcommon is a community resource and has no fee attached to its usage.

Q: Will ACRcommon replace or compete with existing taxonomies (e.g Radlex)?
A: No.  ACRcommon will link where possible and appropriate to existing terminologies.  However, it will evolve continuously to meet market demand, maintaining linkages to existing terminologies where possible and informing those efforts along the way.

Q: What’s the difference between RSNA RADLEX Playbook and the ACRcommon Procedure dimension?
A: By design, they are close with the intention of maintaining a crosswalk for those standardizing on Playbook terminology.  However, because ACRcommon is tied heavily to heterogeneous production systems and dynamic products and services, it will continue to evolve at a rate that will exceed the processes employed by consensus-driven standards bodies.  That community standards process is a long-run necessity but typically a short-run challenge. In the case of Playbook, the procedure axis of ACRcommon fills the immediate market gap for those not standardized on Playbook and can serve to inform the evolution of Playbook over time so that that standards effort continues to evolve to meet market demand.  This iterative development process is a reflection of market reality and the balance between solving immediate production problems while charting a long-run path for the industry. Similar coordination will occur along the other axes of Common with other consensus-driven standards bodies.  Because we map to Playbook, organizations that adopt Playbook as their charge master will not have to do any additional mappings to consume ACRcommon enabled products and services

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